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Jessica Reznik
6601 Huntley Road Suite A
Columbus Ohio USA

Servicing USA. UpCarts are stair climbing folding hand carts that are absolutely perfect for any move. The all terrain three-wheel chassis are uniquely engineered to ease resistance up and down stairs making it perfect for apartment living. Once your move is complete, the UpCart is great for hauling groceries, furniture and anything you would need to get into your apartment. It also has the ability to fold flat to a depth of just over four inches so it is easy to store away in small spaces.

Each of the UpCart models is suited to your personal needs. There is the Original UpCart which is able to take up to 100 lbs. Our next model is the UpCart Deluxe which includes a custom bungee cord and will take up to 125 lbs. If you are hauling larger items into your dorm or apartment, the UpCart Lift would be a perfect fit. It is flush to the ground and will take up to 200 lbs.

The UpCart is literally “Up For Anything” to make your move or apartment living easier.

Landlords, this is a great product to offer as an incentive for students deciding which apartment to move into!! Wholesale pricing may apply.